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Noordhoek 15, 9301ZG Roden Nederland
Tel: 050-5013745 Email:

Special asfalt

In addition to the comprehensive series of standard sensors for temperature, pressure and relative humidity, RS Technics can produce customised sensors according to customer specifications. We also deliver our specials very quickly!

Below is an overview with a number of the custom-made sensors.

Special asfalt   Special hooibroei   klemtang sensor  
Wide and robust measurement area for direct measurements in molten asphalt.
  Hay and compost meter
Hand-held sensor with a length of 2 metres for direct measurement in the centre of a compost heap or haystack.
Clamp provided with a RTD or TC sensor.
Sensor PN160 flens icon  
PN160 temperature sensor
Heavy duty temperature sensor to measure temperature in CO2 pipelines with high pressure. Thermowell Ø 22mm with a side thickness of 7,5mm, tested and certified at 135 bar! Certified and very accurate PT100 measurement with HART® communicationprotocol.