Emergency service

Calamity service for urgent delivery of temperature sensors!

Although the temperature sensors are still so well-made, there is always a small possibility that one is defective.
Not bad in itself, until you discover that you have no new one available.
Now you will also experience that the machine security stops everything.

The moment you can call on our emergency service. Tell us what you need and we will start working immediately for you.

In practice, this means that we can manufacture a new sensor for you within a few hours. Your downtime (and costs) is reduced to a minimum. This service is unique. You do not pay anything extra for this, but we trust that you, even if you do not have a great rush, think of us.
Our standard delivery time is also only a few working days. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

Our telephone number (0031-50 501 37 45) is automatically forwarded outside office hours, allowing the telephone to be transferred 8-10 times.