Sustainability must come from the heart of our company. That is what we stand for and it is intertwined with everything we do. From investing in sustainable relationships with customers and suppliers to developing innovative products that are less damaging to people and the environment. How we do that is briefly described here:

Code of Conduct

RS Technics is part of the Indutrade group. Indutrade applies the UN Global Compact Principles, an initiative to pursue universal norms and values ​​when it comes to human rights, anti-corruption, care for the environment and better working conditions.

Energy efficient production house

Our offices and production areas are already almost completely lit by LED lamps and solar panels have been installed on all roofs, which provide a large part of our energy needs. In addition, we strive to design our production processes as energy-efficient as possible and we are constantly working to also minimize the total environmental impact of our production.

Energy-conscious products

We develop temperature sensors that make it possible to optimize industrial processes, which of course results in less consumption and environmental impact. In addition, we are closely involved in various projects in which energy savings can be achieved thanks to innovation. Some examples of this are the Upfall shower and our collaboration with Envitron.

Good employment practices

Our goal is to create added value by being meaningful to the community. Our location is Roden and for this region we offer internships, employment and where possible we buy locally.