LB08 Milk tank monitor

High quality data logger and control unit for monitoring the milk stored in the dairy tank. RS Technics has been developing and manufacturing control equipment for use in the tank rooms of dairy farmers all over the world. The dairy monitoring of our company is well-known amongst farmers and dairy processing plants. With the latest addition from this family, the LB-08: Dairy Tank Monitor, a financially-friendly alternative has been introduced that has all the properties necessary to constantly monitor the quality of the milk. By means of accurate measurements on the outside of the tank or inside the tank, the LB-08 can measure the current temperature of the milk, detect the correct operation of the mixing gear, check the cleaning and sound an alarm as soon as a problem threatens to occur. In addition to an internal buzzer this tank monitor has an adjustable relay output for an external alarm. The LB-08 collects all measurement data and stores this in the internal memory (capacity of approx. 50,000 measurements). This data can be transferred to a laptop or PC via a USB connection and presented in graphs or clear tables. Although the LB-08 has been primarily developed for use in the dairy processing industry, this can of course be modified according to the specific requirements of customers for the monitoring of numerous other products stored in tanks. Please feel free to ask for more information or indicate your application!

Principle: The tank monitor works normally via a fixed control pattern:

  • status MILKING
  • there is milk in the tank and new milk can be added. This can therefore take a few days.

  • Tank is empty and still has to be cleaned.

  • status CLEANING
  • Tank is filled with water and cleaning agent; busy with cleaning.

  • Tank empty; ready for new milk.

All these things are accurately and constantly monitored whereby undesired deviations are indicated and converted into a clear alarm!

  • Plastics / ABS
  • IP-65