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Noordhoek 15, 9301ZG Roden Nederland
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2200 eurotherm

High-end  Eurotherm procescontroller with unique auto-tune function for the most optimal control in just a few steps. Suitable for panel installation, available in many customer-specific measurement ranges.


The controller of the serie 2200 is a versatile, very stable temperature and process controller with auto tuning.

The controller is available in the following dimensions:
1/6DIN (48x48mm)
1/8DIN (48x96mm)
1/4DIN (96x96mm)

The controller has a modular hardware construction with the option: 1 control output, 2 alarm relays and a communication module. The hardware is configurable for heating, cooling or alarm.

The modular heating and cooling outputs can optionally be equipped with 1 or 2 alarm relay outputs. The 2208 and 2204 have 2 digital inputs for selecting auto / manual control, standby mode, 2nd setpoint or alarm confirmation. The load current can be displayed and errors or shortcuts can be detected.

  • 2216: PID controller 48x48mm executed with 1x alarm relay output
  • 2208: PID controller 48x96mm executed with 2x alarm relay outputs
  • 2204: PID controller 96x96mm executed with 2x alarm relay outputs
Description Programmable procescontroller in DIN case for wall mounting. 
Numerous switching functions and freely adjustable switching points. 
Measurement input optionally, ask for the possibilities or datasheet. 
LED display in green with single or double display measurement.
Delivery including mounting brackets and connection matirial
Possible applications
  • Extrusions
  • Ovens and boilers
  • Valve position control
  • Cooling cells and heating applications
  • Packaging machines
  • Food industry
  • PT100 
  • Thermocouple J or K 
  • Voltage
  • Current
Measurementrange Free configurable
  • Relais
  • Logic
  • Traic
  • Motorized valve output
Maximum 4 outputs, including 2 modulair outputs.
  • 100-240VAC - 50/60 Hz
  • 24VAC / 24VDC
Accurancy ± 1% FSR 
IP-norm  IP40 (front/paneelzijde) 
Dimensions Panel installation in the dimensions 48x48, 48x96 and 96x96 mm
(for supplement) 
  • R1 - Module for extra relais output
  • L1 - Module logic output
  • C1 - Module contact input
  • D3 - Module DC-mA output
  • D3A - Module DC-mA retransmission output

• Brochure
• Manual
• Connection diagram


The delivery of standard types from stocks and customer-specific versions can be within a few days. In view of the large number of versions and options for orders you can contact our sales department tel. +31 50-501 37 45 or by email:
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