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158 DIN43650

Temperaturesensor with DIN43650 connector.
Length, diameter, measurement system and proces connection according to customer specification.


The sensor of the serie 158  is equipped with a DIN43650 connector, so it provides a right-angled cable output. This connector also provides easy exchangeability of the sensor. The connector has a PG9 cable gland.

The sensors of the serie 158 can be provided with a sleek insertion (possibly in combination with a clamp coupling), with a fixed or a rotable nipple or with a gland.

The process connection and insertion are made of RVS316. The standard diameter is 6mm, but any desired diameter is also available. By default, this sensor measures up to 300°C.

Types 158 serie: Temperaturesensor with DIN43650 connector.

Possible applications
  • General industry
  • Oven construction
  • Food processing
  • Cool/Freeze companies
  • Machiny manufacture
Measurement element
  • PT100
  • PT1000
  • Ni100
  • N1000
  • Thermocouple J, K, N, T
Measurement system Single or Duplex version in 2, 3 or 4-lead technology.
Temperature range Standard range to a maximum of 300 °C. Also suitable for high temperature measurements.
Material Measuring section: RVS316
Dimensions As requested with order. The standard diameter is 6mm.
Process connection
  • Gland
  • Nipple
  • Sleek insertion
Connection cable -
IP-norm IP65
(for supplement) 
  • Cut away measuring point for relative air measuring (for example in air channels)
  • Duplex version
  • Measurement system PT100 1/3 Din selection.
  • Measurement system PT100 1/5 Din selection.
  • Measurement system PT100 1/10 Din selection.

• Brochure
• Further information about dimensions, connection and cables is given on the Support pages.


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