Hard & Software development

ontwikkelingIf you are looking for a solution for designing electronic control technology, embedded or PC software or for example the processing of sensor signals then RS Technics is the ideal company for you for all your questions. 

RS Technics now has, in addition to the production of printed circuit boards, sensors and systems, also the possibility to develop all your electronics including the necessary software. This is for the internal -embedded- software, as well as for PC applications for reading out, adjusting or operating! 

This enables RS Technics to develop and manufacture your customised products for you from “A” to “Z”. Whether this involves a few prototypes, small numbers to larger series: RS Technics makes it for you! 

The big advantage is that you can truly bring everything in the area of electronics development under one roof and with a single point of contact. This makes the lines of communication and production considerably shorter, quicker and even more reliable

Please feel free to informally contact our sales department. They will be happy to look for the right solution for you.