PCB production and assembly


RS Technics B.V. – manufacturer of circuit boards.

Fast – Profitable – Competent.

RS Technics manufactures small and medium-sized series printed circuit boards (PCB’s). In addition, we can quickly design and develop prototypes.

Our products are used by many renowned customers including those in the industrial automation, medical technology and the food industry. One thing is very important to us: We produce premier and high standard electronics of the very best quality!

Production takes place in our assembly line, including an ultramodern and highly accurate Assembleon OPAL-X2 pick & place machine. This is provided with multiple camera detection and, if necessary, can install components like “0201”, PGAs and QFPs.

We can assist you in designing products, layouts and circuit boards, and advise on the best possible choice of components. Standard the circuit boards are controlled and checked optically, optionally we can test the PBC’s for functionality and program them when required.

Our standard policy is to have short communication lines and short lead times. Prototypes are treated with priority so the project can continue.







If you have a defective or malfunctioning circuit board, you can also contact RS Technics. After examination we will determine if the circuit board can be restored, which is often the case.

But For many customers we manufacture complete end products in a wide variety. We produce appropriate housings, cabling, assembling and providing the front foil for these products. Even when you need just a couple copies/items. Of course, the products are fully tested and approved.

Ask for the endless possibilities. Challenge us!

Our well-trained and motivated colleagues will look forward working with you and your company.