icon-rm280-data logger

icon-rm280-data logger

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Digital recorder for the encoded internal storage of a maximum of 8 measurement inputs. Via the built-in adjustable alarm contacts the measurement values can also be monitored. The saved measurement values and process recordings can then be shown or printed as graph or in table form.


The Regiemaster data logger is an 8-channel digital recorder that independently and automatically saves the measurement values in the internal memory, after which they can be viewed via a computer in table form or graph. The data logger also has two alarm contacts with which various adjustable monitoring functions can be realised.  The saved measurement values can be transferred to the computer via an RS232 connection or a CompactFlash memory card. All settings can be modified via the computer or on the unit itself. As the measurement data is stored encoded it cannot be changed afterwards and so can function as evidence.

Types Regiemaster-280: Digital 8 channels measurement values recorder.
Description Data logger with 8 identical measurement channels. Each channel can be set individually if required. See supplements. Housing 144x72mm for panel installation according to DIN43700. LCD display 2×16 characters with background lighting. RS232 connection for communication with computer. RS485 bus for connecting several Regiemasters. Relay contacts N.O. for Alarm functions and Sensor Error. The RM280 is supplied complete with mounting and connection components, power module 230V-24Vdc, DIN-rail connector block for connecting measurement signals, RS232 cable. Software for reading out and displaying measurement values and setting parameters.Software suitable for MS-Windows 95/98/2000/XP. All connections with screw/insert connectors. Delivered including connection and mounting materials.
Possible applications
  • Process monitoring/control.
  • HACCP control.
  • Registering Cooling transport.
  • Controling temp/%RH in homes.
Measurement system As requested with order: PT100 – IEC60751/3-lead Voltage or current inputs.
Measurement range Available in various types of measurement inputs, standard 8 identical input ranges. These can be modified per channel with a certain range:

  • PT100 range e.g. -50.0…+50.0°C, 0.0…200.0°C, -50…+350 °C.
  • 4-20 mA range 0…100%, display range freely adjustable.
  • 0-10 Vdc range 0…100%, display range freely adjustable.
Outputs Two relay contacts, potential-free contact N.O., max. 3 Amp @ 250VAC.
Power 24VDC connection supplied standard with power module for connection to 230VAC
Accuracy ± 1% FSR
IP-norm IP54 (front/panel side)
Dimensions Panel installation 144×96, depth 110 mm.
Options (for supplement)
  • Conversion to another measurement range, supplement per measurement input.
  • Memory card Compact-flash 32MB (incl. adapter).
  • RS232 serial cable length 2 metres.
  • Plug connecting to two RM280 data loggers.
  • Cable for connecting several data loggers via the RS485 bus, length 2 metres.
  • DCF-atomic clock receiver, which synchronises the internal clock of the data logger for applications whereby accurate time registration is important.
  • Front with transparent and lockable door.
  • USB-PCMCIA-reader for reading out the memory cards on a PC.
  • Set Line drivers for extending RS232 communication to approx. 200 metres (Excluding cable. This can be supplied at any length).
  • Regiemaster read out software with extension for automatic reading out via the computer at preset times.
  • Installed in switch box or housing for wall mounting.
  • Installed in transportable case with battery.

• Brochure

• Regiemaster280 Manual
• RM280 Software Manual
Connection diagram connector block

• RM280 control software Dutch version [download]
REMARK: This software is designed for Windows 98/Vista/XP only.
We cannot guarantee proper operation in newer versions Windows-7 and above.


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